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The Tiny Seed operates on a public donation platform (crowd funding) model. We strongly believe in the power of many tiny donations making the largest impact.

The schools listed on our website are crippled by a lack of funds in order to cover basic needs such as regular water supply, proper functioning toilets, electricity & fans, classroom supplies, quality furniture, stable structures like non-leaky roofing, or even sufficient IT & Science Labs, and library facilities. While infrastructure is important, our core focus today lies in equipping, empowering and enabling the Teachers, PTA and students to lead and be responsible for their own whole school transformation. We believe and have witnessed that our varied projects and programmes including related to nutrition, community & civic awareness, as well as student and teacher training & development facilitate this. The needs of schools have become more complex than ever before, ever since Covid-19 came upon us. We are working with schools at present to find solutions to best suit students and teachers as they navigate through these difficult times.

Visit our Projects page to explore what these schools require. You can donate in part or in full towards their project requests. Once a project reaches full funding, the money will be handed over to the school for them to implement the project. Piece by piece, you can transform a run down and neglected, but deserving school, into a center of educational excellence.

Don't have the time to explore specific school needs? Donate to our General Fund instead. The Tiny Seed will ensure that your money is put to the best use in a deserving school, and send you corresponding updates and accounts.
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Do you have spare time and would like to help out?
Volunteer with Us

Volunteer with Us

Send us an email at with your details, background and interests.
Are you a like-minded organisation and can help us build a better schooling environment? Give us your details and we will be in touch.
Partner with Us

Partner with Us


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Are you involved in public awareness or educational campaigns that can benefit the youth and schools? We would love to hear from you.
Campaign with Us

Campaign with Us

Send us an email at with your details.
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The Tiny Seed
Building No. 5/796A, Varissery Junction,
Mariathuruthu P.O., Kottayam,
Kerala. Pin : 686027

+91 98953 95000 or +91 98950 56782


  • "A targeted donated goes to the most urgent causes."


  • "They have the right idea and implement it with dedication. Heartening to see them do such needy work."


  • "The Tiny Seed does wonderful work for the public. With no personal agenda, they help schools like us in need."

    PTA President
    Govt. Vocational Higher Secondary School, Kumarakom

  • "They make us think of the bigger picture. Our plans and dreams for our school will be a reality thanks to them."

    PTM Govt. Higher Secondary School, Velloor

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Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy /

Refund Policy

1. All donations made towards project needs of schools as listed on The Tiny Seed are non-refundable upon payment having been made.
2. If a project does not reach full funding which results in the project falling through, donations already received for such projects will be reached to the general fund. This will in turn be allocated towards other open project needs of schools listed on the website. Corresponding receipts, accounts and implementation reports related to the new allocation will be duly sent to the respective donor, ensuring transparency of the process.
3. If any information is required, kindly write to The Tiny Seed at

Disclaimer /


1. The Tiny Seed is a charitable donation platform. It does not collect funds for its commercial use, but solely for the benefit of the schools which the organisation supports. The Trust ensures that at least 85 % of donations reach the chosen cause(s), with a maximum of 15 % being utilised for the running expenses of the organisation.
2. Donations made to The Tiny Seed are reached to the school for their action. The responsibility of implementation rests with the individual schools. However, The Tiny Seed ensures checks and balances to minimise chances of misuse or mismanagement of donations on the part of recipient schools. Transparent accounts and implementation updates are emailed to every donor upon donating to us.

Privacy Policy /

Privacy Policy

1. The Trust maintains a strict privacy policy. All contact and registration information collected is stored on a secure server and will not be misused by in any way. Donors can view & edit account information anytime.
2. Credit Card information is not stored. The CVV number is not captured. By entering details for transactions, the card of the donor will not be misused by The Trust for other online transactions.

Shipping Policy / Contact Us

Shipping Policy

The Tiny Seed is involved only in the business of accepting and channelling charitable donations for the needs of schools in Kerala.

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Big Bag of Seeds

Donate to the General Fund

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Are you a citizen of India?
Donations made to the general pool are allocated to the different urgent needs of schools, at the discretion of The Tiny Seed.
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Donate to the General Fund

Donating to our General Fund allows The Tiny Seed to allocate funds to urgent projects, or projects that need just that extra final push to meet their funding goals. We will duly send you project implementation updates and progress reports corresponding to your contribution.

We facilitate the chance for you to be a regular monthly donor too. The Recurring Monthly Donation option merely acts as a reminder tool for monthly donations. We will send you a link which will remind you to make your donation by directing you to the website. In no way will money be deducted from your account without your authority.

You can cancel the recurring payment reminder option at any point by visiting My Profile -> My History.
To donate to projects of your own choice, click here.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child’s Education For A Year

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Are you a citizen of India?

Help students stay where they belong - in school!

* This is a student scholarship to cover tuition, books, uniforms, bus and exam fees, as applicable.

To know more : Write to us at

Feed Our Minds

Sponsor a Meal for a school for a month

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Are you a citizen of India?

The Govt. Mid Day Meal Scheme is often the first meal of the day, for students from poor backgrounds in Govt. schools.

With your help, The Tiny Seed can provide a healthy supplement, or even a wholesome Breakfast – for an entire school, for an entire month.

To know more : Write to us at